First Post

After staring at the ‘Add New Post’ page for nearly half an hour I finally decided to bite the bullet and pop my blogging cherry…the only problem is I wish I had some more inspiration.

Hmm, what to write about…How about how I’ve come to be writing this post in the first place.

Both myself and Grace have been working extremely hard over the last 2 years (combination of Uni and employment), Grace is currently a nanny and myself a Recruitment Consultant. In between the long hours and commitments we have both been busy researching and planning our trip away. My task (admittedly self-assigned) was to create a blog so we could document our travels and keep friends and family updated.

As a complete newbie to this whole concept I am still very much learning about how to use a blogging site but most importantly – how to write one. And that is where you find me currently, practicing ‘how to write a blog’…

Not the most exciting post, I have to agree, but an important one none the less. However bear with me – more exciting posts are to follow shortly…




One response to “First Post

  1. WOW what a great first post! I mean I have seen a fair few first posts in my time but I mean, seriously you win the award for uberman-first-poster! Haha have an amazing time both of you and I really do look forward to reading about all of your stories.


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