Arrival in Quito

Hey hey guys,

Thought it may be a good time to give you all our first update although there is not too much to report yet.

Sooooo after 25 hours of airports, planes and a hairy connection in Frankfurt we arrived in Quito at around lunch time on Friday.

We have taken it easy these first couple of days due to jet-lag and being un-acclimatised to Quito’s elevation of 2850m- it’s a strange feeling, we feel out of breath often, even when we are lying in bed. It can also give you headaches but with us it is hard to tell whether they are due to altitude or sleep deprivation.

Our hostel room is pretty basic to say the least. We are in a metal shed, out the back and separate from the main hostel. The large steel door looks like it has been taken straight from an old prison and I (Grace) can’t leave the room on my own as I am too much of a weakling to shut it.

Yesterday we planned to go for a wander, have some dinner and then have an early night but we soon realised it was a public holiday and to top it all off Ecuador were playing Uruguay in the World Cup Qualifiers. Town was mental!!! We watched the game while tucking into fajitas, sharing a table with four Ecuadorian women who were avid supporters. It was fun, luckily they won so the atmosphere was great- in fact you would have thought they just won the World Cup. We called it a night after that but everyone else was up till the early hours- they are particularly fond of the car horn celebration.

Ecuador Football

Today we have done little apart from head from one tour guide to another trying to get a good deal on a Galapagos trip- we booked one for this Friday, it seems amazing but of course we spent more money than we planned to. Soooo excited though.

There seems to be an epic thunder storm every day here at around the same time but today must have been especially large as it caused power cuts all around town and meant that Mike and I had to cook our dinner by candle light. Slightly worrying given the state of the kitchen appliances but it was quite amusing.

Hope everyone is good at home,

All our love, Gracie and Mike x x x


10 responses to “Arrival in Quito

  1. Lovely strawberry hat Grace!

    According to Wikipedia Quito is the highest capital city in the World, so it’s no surprise the air’s a little thin. Just take it easy for a while whilst acclimatising.

    Glad you’re off to a good start.Hugs and kisses,
    Dad xx

  2. Sounds amazing already, other than the tin hut! I’m glad you found good food to eat but i’m sure the fajitas don’t match up to dad’s attempts. Keep having fun and look after each other! xx

  3. Hi guys,

    I’m in Quito in the new part of town, would be happy to share a beer if you’re here before I leave in a couple of days. The hostel looks rough! Surely you can find better than that!

    Let me know your plans and maybe we can catch up!


  4. This does sound so amazing already, super jealous!
    Have an awesome time in Galapagos, and hope you get used to the altitude soon. Have you tried chewing any of those (fairly revolting) coca leaves to help with altitude sickness? The locals seemed to do that in Peru.
    Muchos love to you both xx

  5. Love the 5 star hotel nothing but the best, will be thinking of you and so jealous of your trip around the Galapagos buty have a great time lv you Nan and Gramps xx

  6. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear michael happy birthday to you. Hope all is well and had a brill trip
    all our love Nan and Gramps xx

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