A Traveller’s Christmas Wish List

As the big day fast approaches Grace and I decided to enter into the festive spirit and write a combined Xmas list, not your usual list of DVDs and clothes but a simple collection of things we miss most from home (Friends and Family not included obviously)…

All we hope is that Santa gets this in time and that he finds us chilling by the pool drinking wine and eating BBQ’d steak on Xmas morning.

  • A kitchen that isn’t located under the stairs and has an oven
  • Power shower not a coke bottle cut in half hanging off an open pipe
  • A feather duvet
  • Slices of ham that are thinner than the slices of bread
  • Toilets and showers with doors and locks
  • Marmite, Nesquick and Cheddar cheese
  • Flushing toilet
  • Fresh milk
  • More than 4 pairs of pants to wear (Mike only)
  • Christmas tree

We hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas at home and would just like to say a big FELIZ NAVIDAD and a Happy New Year from Mendoza, Argentina.

Happy Travels,

Grace and Mike

2 responses to “A Traveller’s Christmas Wish List

  1. What a lovely picture, We all had a fab christmas even gramps enjoyed it, hope yours went well we did drink to your health and thought of you at dinner, Aunty Betty sends her love and take care of yourselves speak soon . Nan xxxx

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