Lets go fly a kite………or not!

Our plane landed at 4am- not ideal-but as soon as we arrived in Cumbuco the rest and relaxation began as did our carnival detox. Cumbuco is a world renowned kitesurfing spot located in the North of Brazil due to its almost constant wind and glass like lagoons. We, however, had a spot of bad luck, the wind died the day we arrived and didn’t pick up until we left- bother! To be fair we had turned up in low season so we weren’t expecting to kitesurf everyday but even the locals were shocked at the lack of wind for this time of year.

Instead of kitesurfing we spent our days sunbathing and taking walks on the completely deserted beach, playing in the waves, chilling on hammocks, playing with two gorgeous dogs that lived in our guest house and catching up on sleep. We also saw (and heard) the most amazing thunder and lightning storm, the loudest and brightest we have ever seen, which was incredible. In the two weeks we were there, there were a few stormy days so with nothing else to do in this tiny fishing village we caught up on films- bliss.

We did get a few hours of kitesurfing in which was great- they really do have some of the best conditions for learning in- but we wish it could have been more.  To get to the kitesurfing lagoon we got a lift from the guy we hired our gear from in a beach buggy which was great fun.

To save money we ate in every day which was not a problem as we were the only two people in our guesthouse for most of our stay and they had a huge kitchen. They also did amazing breakie’s and afternoon cake which meant we could skip lunch- fab news. We had to try the Brazilain fav- Acai- a smoothie made from berries found in the Amazon jungle, that are meant to be great for providing energy and keeping you going all day long. They were yum but probably something we didn’t require considering we hardly moved for two weeks (the beach was a two minute walk from our digs).

After a mammoth chill session we were ready and raring for our next stop- New York- and our reunion with Grace’s parents- exciting!

One response to “Lets go fly a kite………or not!

  1. what great fun you are having and those dogs just like our toby so loving. love you both Nan and Gramps xx

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