About Us

Grace & Mike

Hello and welcome to our blog…

Myself and my lovely girlfriend Grace Lee-Brindle will be travelling to South and North America for an epic 8 month trip consisting of Giant Tortoises, Inca Temples, Salt Flats, Volcanoes, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Samba Schools, and Big Cities. As expected we are pretty excited for this trip and have been saving hard (ish) for the last 2 years or so…We depart for this mammoth adventure on 10/10/2013, so the countdown has well and truly begun.

After meeting at Cardiff University and travelling together (with company) to SE Asia for 5 weeks during the first year summer break – we decided that South America would be our next destination. We had both always wanted to go but realised it required a significant amount of time and cash to do it justice, therefore we decided to go after Uni and only after we had saved enough money.

During our time away we hope to keep all friends and family updated on our travels by blogging – this is a very new concept for me (and Grace) to be honest, so you will have to bear with us…We are both keen amateur photographers so hope to have some excellent photos to accompany the blog, but most of all hope to simply document our trip and provide a few interesting posts on the way.

So that is us…We hope you enjoy reading about ‘The Amazing Americas’…


Grace and Mike

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