To be honest, we are not that good at photography – however this doesn’t stop us from getting involved and trying to take amazing pictures. Most importantly though it is a way of documenting our experiences and places we visit, for that reason we pretty much always have a camera on us…We both have some pretty good kit which definitely helps and Grace has quite a good eye for the ‘arty’ shots which is is great as it can provide a different perspective from the standard shots.

We hope to update this section with some travel photography hints and tips (take these with a massive pinch of salt) as well as a collection of our best photos whilst we are away. There is also a link to our Flickr account on the right of the screen where you can see all our photos…

Below is some of our favourite photos we have taken over the last couple of years, feel free to comment or ask any questions.


3 responses to “Photography

  1. Hi guys,

    Great start to your blog and great pictures! I have a question, how did you format them into the post so well? They fit really neatly and look awesome as thumbnails!



    • Hey mate,

      Thanks, for the pics I created a gallery via the ‘Add Media’ button when I was writing the page. I uploaded a handful of the pictures I wanted and then chose the ‘Tiled Mosaic’ option and selected a random order. This then inserts a fully formatted tile with the chosen photos appropriately sized and looking great.

      I hope that helps, if you need any more information please don’t hesitate to ask.


      P.S. loved your post on Huacachina…

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